13 February 2009

An all-new show exploring femme identity and queer femininity.

Fresh from their smash hit Boston performances, the Femme Show returns to the St. Lawrence with an all new show. From Barbie dolls to garter belts, from 1950’s dyke bars to suburban back yards and late night taco joints, from hula hooping to clowning, this show takes audiences on a wild ride. The Femme Show offers a variety of diverse perspectives on femme identity with subject matter that is at times thoughtful, sad, sexy, funny, and fun. Local guest artists will be joining the touring cast to bring you another evening of film, dance, storytelling, burlesque, drag, and performance art that is sure to delight.

The Femme Show plays Friday, March 6 at 7 and 9:30 PM at the St. Lawrence, 76 Congress St. in Portland. Tickets are available at all Bull Moose Music stores or at http://www.stlawrencearts.org


What Queer?! said...

word! wanted to let you know that we added you and are 100% on yr team and in love with what y'all are doing. we're radical queers in rhode island drawing connections between struggles, and trying to reclaim our city through creating queer spaces that don't revolve around consumerism and intoxication, among other fun and/or intense things. solidarity and sodomy, what queeeeah?! pvd, ri

Arielle said...

Hey there--My partner and I are doing a project documenting various models of radical living in Maine and just interviewed Vanessa at the JED today and she mentioned you guys--how can we get in touch? I'm at ariellecg at yahoo!