01 December 2008

The Femme Show: Call for Proposals!

Calling all performers! Check out the above call for submissions for the Femme Show coming to Maine this Spring!

29 November 2008

Audio Recording from NJ4 Benefit

Snapdragon's NJ4 Bash Back!!! Bash Back!!! poem for your audio pleasure. Share, rebroadcast and redistribute at will!

download mp3 file here!

24 November 2008

World AIDS Day Film Screening Dec. 1st!

In the increasingly depoliticized world of AIDS activism (or should we just say service provision?) we cannot sit back and watch as yet another year goes by marked only by somber vigils. World AIDS Day must not simply be a day of mourning, but a day of action! To mark World AIDS Day Naughty North has assembled a collection of inspiring historical films to situate the present and incite action! All are welcome!

Cocktails are not cures! Silence still = death!

18 November 2008

NJ4 Cabaret Benefit Bash Raises Over $300!

Sunday night's all ages event at the dooryard in Portland raised over $300 for the NJ4! The performances were fantastic, the crowd of nearly 75 was energetic and the night went off without a hitch! We were able to get over 50 letters to the NYC D.A. signed and in the mail demanding the courts to drop the charges against Renata Hill who goes to retrial on the 20th of November.

Thanks to all who came out to support self-defense and the NJ4!!! We are looking forward to more queer cabarets in the future! Pictures of performances below:

x x x

kings of the hill
x x x

goldie peacock
x x x

bangarang collective
x x x

athens boys choir

11 November 2008

Naughty North Newsletter #3

Our third issue is finally available as a downloadable .pdf!!!

click here to download!

23 October 2008

NJ4 Cabaret Benefit Bash - November 16th in Portland

Naughty North and The Dooryard have teamed up to throw the queerest cabaret benefit bash to support the NJ4! There will be slamming poetry, scuzzy electro gender-deviant hip hop, drag muppets teaching self-defense and much more! So come on down and check out the NJ4 t-shirts, patches, info, and support self-defense! @ the dooryard, 108 high street, portland me, sunday 16 november, 7pm, $1-$10!

for more about the NJ4: http://freenj4.wordpress.com/

for more about the dooryard: http://www.myspace.com/dooryard108

25 September 2008

Red Cross: "No Faggots Allowed"

This summer, a few mischievous Naughty North affiliated folks targeted the Red Cross for their compliance with homophobic AIDS hysteria policies handed down by the FDA. This video gives an over view of what happened and the pathetic mainstream media response.

More media on the action can be found at:
MTV News
NewEngland Blade
Portland Press Herald

23 September 2008

Naughty North and MiMi Collective Confront Crazy Christians!

Saturday morning, around twenty fabulously decorated queers and allies booty-danced toward the entrance of the Common Ground country fair in Unity, Maine. For the last twenty some years, fair-goers have been exposed to offensive images of bloody fetuses, as well as messaging that wrongfully appropriates social justice language like "domestic violence starts in the womb," by members of the Christian Civic League.

This year Naughty North and the MiMi Collective, a radical feminist reproductive health collective, decided it was time to take them on with some queer flair and a rad dance party!

At around 10:30am, after suiting up in our dance attire, we marched to the fair holding banners that read "WARNING: Crazy Christians Ahead," "Queers for Reproductive Rights," and "You Can't Control my Cooch," sashaying down the shoulder to our portable dance beats. Folks driving by were honking and sharing their approval before we even arrived at the scene. Once we descended upon the five Christian's and their anti-choice posters, their dismal scene turned into a raging party!

For the next hour, we shook it strategically in front of their signs, alerted fair-goers to their presence, and got most people who were stuck in the traffic at the gate into a much better mood.

The CCL folks were not quite so pleased. One booty shaker managed to herd a CC leaguer back to his car; others enjoyed making out in front of those who weren't so quick to take down their offensive propaganda. Some condoms unexplicably ended up in a CCL car. Some CCLers attempted to insult and argue with the dance partiers, but we were having way too much fun to engage in such fruitless debate.

Toward the end of the hour, the cops arrived after a complaint had been made from a CCLer about falling down signs. The cops attempted to separate the CCL folks from the naughty north and mimi folks, but couldn't come up with a real reason why they could ask us to move but not those holding up huge pictures of mutilated fetuses. After a fair amount of good cop/bad cop ungrounded harassment and threats, the conflict dissolved when most of us decided to follow the original plan and leave the CCLers to their beat-less boredom while we went and enjoyed the fair. Countless folks approached us and expressed their gratitude for our action--all agreed, it was way over due. Til next year!

more photos to come!!!

25 June 2008

Southern Maine Pride Radical Pink and Black Bloc Actions 6/21/08

On Saturday June 21st a group of about 20 radical queer and trans folx jumped into the Southern Maine Pride Parade in pink and black bloc fashion armed with homemade drums and vials of glitter! We cheered our little hearts out in disorganized fashion and passed out our flyers decrying pride as corporate, exclusionary, and steeped in addiction culture.

After our successful disruption and an afternoon nap we gathered for an evening dance party at Tommy's. At around 8 pm on Saturday we started setting up the dance party sound system. We started the music around 8:30. People from the street who hadn't previously heard about the dance party joined in, as well as people who had been planning on going for weeks. There was a good flow of people, and usually around 15 dancing at a time, with lots of bystanders enjoying the music. We anticipated instant trouble from the police, but there was none. We kept the music going until 10, when a noise ordinance came into effect. The dance party was organized as a free, inclusive, better sounding alternative to the Pier Dance.

04 June 2008

Naughty North Newsletter Issue #3

Issue #3 due out this August! The theme of the issue is "beyond pride"! It will be posted online at the same time it is mailed out!

12 March 2008

Naughty North Newsletter Issue #2

Our second issue is now available as a downloadable .pdf!!!

click here to download!

Naughty North Newsletter Issue #1

Our first issue is now available as a downloadable .pdf!!!

Click here to download!