23 January 2009

Prisoner Correspondence Project Launches Their New Website

Our Canadian northern neighbors in Montreal just contacted us to let us know about the launch of the Prisoner Correspondence Project website! Check it out and sign up to be a pen pal!

The Prisoner Correspondence Project is a collectively-run initiative based out of Montreal, Quebec. It coordinates a direct-correspondence program for gay, lesbian, transsexual, transgender, gendervariant, two-spirit, intersex, bisexual and queer inmates in Canada and the United States, linking these inmates with people a part of these same communities outside of prison. In addition, it coordinates a resource library of information regarding harm reduction practice (safer sex, safer drug-use, clean needle care), HIV and HEPC prevention, homophobia, transphobia, coming out, etc. The project also aims to reinstate prisoner justice and prisoner solidarity as a priority within queer movements on the outside through events like film screenings, workshops, and panel discussions which touch on the broader issues relating to criminalisation and incarceration of queers and transfolk.

Prisoner Correspondence Project Website


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