28 April 2009

Sassy Kings and Queens to Support Queer Youth in Lewiston/Auburn

The First Annual Lewistunning Dragapalooza, a variety show of professional and amateur drag performers will be held on Saturday, May 9th at Schaeffer Theater, Bates College. Co-sponsored by the Bates College student group OutFront, the show is a fundraiser for Outright/Lewiston-Auburn.

The Lewistunning Dragapalooza will feature professional performers from as close as Lewiston and as far away as New York City. The line-up for the event includes such well-known performers as Bunny Wonderland and Kings of the Hill from Portland, Mimi Imfurst from New York City, Shaunna Rai and E’On from Lewiston and Ms. Olivia Bouyea from Sanford. The evening will also include an opportunity for amateurs who want to experience the thrill of performing drag on stage. Amateurs can sign up to perform by calling the Outright/LA office and completing a registration form.

The professional portion of the show will be judged by “celebrity” judges Heidi Conn, Guidance Counselor at Edward Little High School in Auburn; Charles Nero, Associate Professor of Rhetoric, African American Studies and American Cultural Studies at Bates College; and Sarah Holmes, Coordinator of the Center for Sexualities and Gender Diversity at the University of Southern Maine.

The event will also include fab door prizes, refreshments, local emcees and an after party at Guthrie's, 155 Middle Street in downtown Lewiston. Featuring The Scrapes (myspace.com/singwiththescrapes). No cover after party, all ages venue! Yes they serve beer, wine and tasty treats!

Tickets available in Lewiston at WMCA Health Services, The Bangarang, Outright L/A, and Guthrie's!

20 April 2009

Strategizing Queer Insurgency Workshop - Call Out for Feedback!


Stragizing Queer Isurgency!: Re-centering marginalized queer issues

Workshop & Discussion to be presented as a part of the 10th Annual
Montreal Anarchist Bookfair - Sunday May 16th 2009

*** Hello! This post is to solicit your feedback, contributions, and collaboration for the planning and development of this workshop. We are hoping to gather as much ideas and input from members of our communities as possible over the course of the next month, in the interest of making this workshop/discussion and strategizing session relevant to our struggles as folks doing queer activism, organizing, or community work; or as queers doing organizing work in other struggles.

This email is to briefly outline the rough framework of the workshop as it was initially envisioned, as well as to outline some questions to consider in responding to this call out.

We proposed this workshop as members of different queer organizations with the intention of taking advantage of the opportunity offered to us by the Bookfair to hold a discussion and strategizing session among other groups and queers from across Quebec, the US and Canada.

We identified four key obstacles or barriers we face in our struggles which we hope to foreground in these conversations:
(1) French/English divides
(2) Generational divides between older and younger queers
(3) The US/Canada border
(4) Rural/urban divides.

We especially wanted to focus on these barriers as one's we continue to face despite attempts by gay assimilation to push these off the agenda, and to collaboratively develop concrete solutions and strategies to work against these obstacles.


1. In what ways have you encountered these obstacles (french/english divides, generational divides, the US/Canada border, and rural/urban divides) in your organizing or community work?
2. How have you seen these obstacles play our in other kinds of organizing or work you do?
3. What kinds of strategies, if any, have you put in place or seen put in place to counter these obstacles?
4. What kind of workshop structure do you think makes the most sense given the topic and themes? (a) branch into smaller discussion groups and report back, (b) large facilitated group discussion, or (c) another format altogether
5. Is there any specific feedback you would like to give us about the way we've laid out this framework? Is there anything you would like to foreground, or specific ways you hope to see the workshop unfold?



Thanks for your feedback and ideas. Hope to see you in May!

- Anonymous queers / workshop organizing committee

The workshop is co-presented by members of: Naughty North (Maine), the Prisoner Correspondence Project (Montreal), and Q-Team (Montreal).

Qteam is a radical queer collective whose work focuses on creating anti-racist, anti-capitalist, and anti-assimilationist queer spaces and events in Montreal.

The Prisoner Correspondence Project is a Montreal-based collective that supports gay and trans folks and queers inside prisons across the US and Canada through a penpal program, programming, and a resource library on writing about queer survival behind bars.

Naughty North is a radical queer direct-action collective based in Maine committed to resisting the devastating violence inherent in the consumer driven assimilationist gaystream!

Future of the Past: Reviving the Queer Archives - June 5th Save the Date!

Future of the Past: Reviving the Queer Archives
- a photo-retrospective of Annette Dragon's work from the late 80's and 90's of queer activism. Opening June 5th, 7pm at Maine College of Art. Intergenerational panel on queer & trans activism and archiving on June 18th during Southern Maine Pride, also to be hosted at MECA. Check out the exhibition website for more information:Future of the Past