08 January 2010

Stop HIV/AIDS State Budget Cuts!

Please join the HIV community to tell Maine lawmakers that cutting HIV care services will hurt people living with HIV/AIDS!

State Supplemental Budget Hearings
Monday, January 11 at 2:00pm
Maine State House, Appropriations Committee Room
Wear RED to Support HIV/AIDS

Proposed budget cuts in MaineCare services could reduce HIV case management services by $80,000 statewide! This cut could result in a loss of services, waiting lists for people living with HIV/AIDS, and/or reductions in client assistance funds! There are more people living with HIV/AIDS in Maine than ever before and, make no mistake about it, proposed budget cuts will hurt real Maine people. We MUST show our state officials that we cannot neglect those affected by HIV/AIDS and urge them to restore these vital funds!

We need YOU to join us so people can continue live healthy and productive lives regardless of status!

For more information about this event, or if you are interested in presenting testimony, please contact Andrew Bossie at 207-899-9983.

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