15 May 2009

Strategizing Queer Insurgency! @ the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair

Montreal Anarchist Bookfair

details about the workshop some NN! folks are helping present:

Sunday, MAY 17, 2009
3pm – Room 119 @ CEDA
Strategizing queer insurgency!: Re-centering marginalized queer issues from an anarchist perspective (eng.)

40 years after the Stonewall riots, who has been left on the margins of the radical queer movement? Join us for a strategy session around how we as anarchist queer organizers deal with obstacles such as language barriers, intergenerationality, rural/urban divides, and the US/Canada border. In the face of growing assimilationist capitalist gay and lesbian mainstream representation, how do we maintain queer as a subversive terrain upon which to resist? Everyone welcome!

This workshop is a co-presentation by members of Q-Team (Montreal), the Prisoner Correspondence Project (Montreal), and Naughty North (Maine).

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