19 March 2009

Red Cross: Naughty North are Real Heros!!!

This winter a savvy friend (code name Maxine Wolfe) nominated Naughty North! for the American Red Cross Good Samaritan Real Heroes Award for our work in the Summer of 2008, pointing out that even the most benevolent organizations like the American Red Cross are entrenched in homophobic and AIDS panic politics.

The attached letter is a rather sad ironic attempt by the the Red Cross to de-claw our fierce satirical attack on their shabby institutional policies and we won't settle for it. We will not be gently folded into the non-profit and medical industrial complexes when queer youth are still being told that their sex lives are a death sentence and that homophobic profiling is a matter of public health when the American Red Cross descends on our public schools to extract blood like parasites...

Using the FDA as an excuse to continue following outrageous policies that are part of a complex system of homophobic violence that kills queer teens is unacceptable. Grow a back bone, American Red Cross! Otherwise, acknowledge that every queer/trans teen suicide is murder and their is blood all over your hands!!!

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