25 June 2008

Southern Maine Pride Radical Pink and Black Bloc Actions 6/21/08

On Saturday June 21st a group of about 20 radical queer and trans folx jumped into the Southern Maine Pride Parade in pink and black bloc fashion armed with homemade drums and vials of glitter! We cheered our little hearts out in disorganized fashion and passed out our flyers decrying pride as corporate, exclusionary, and steeped in addiction culture.

After our successful disruption and an afternoon nap we gathered for an evening dance party at Tommy's. At around 8 pm on Saturday we started setting up the dance party sound system. We started the music around 8:30. People from the street who hadn't previously heard about the dance party joined in, as well as people who had been planning on going for weeks. There was a good flow of people, and usually around 15 dancing at a time, with lots of bystanders enjoying the music. We anticipated instant trouble from the police, but there was none. We kept the music going until 10, when a noise ordinance came into effect. The dance party was organized as a free, inclusive, better sounding alternative to the Pier Dance.

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